What's Included

SIGN UP FOR FREE SILVER MEMBERSHIP TO ACCESS. This two-part article and full length webinar gives you techniques regarding two aspects of staffing. First, with the US economy starting to open up again, Step 1 of the process gives suggestions on what you should do before bringing back staff who were with you before Covid-19 started. Second, Step 2 through Step 8 suggests what you should do to bring the staff back. PLUS we have an exclusive sample interview with Dr. Abelson.

  • 1


    • 8 Step Hiring Process to Bringing Staff "Home" - Video - 39:53

  • 2

    8 Step Process to Bringing Staff "Home"

    • 8 Step Process to Bringing Staff "Home" Part 1

    • 8 Step Process to Bringing Staff "Home" Part 2

  • 3

    Hiring Interview

    • A Sample Interview Using Abelson Reports

  • 4

    Using Hiring Reports from Abelson

    • Why Use the DISC?

    • Understanding the General Characteristics Section of the Report for Hiring

    • Using Motivation Pages in Hiring Interview

    • Understanding Behavioral Strengths and Conflicts Section of Report in Hiring

    • Using the Section of Report that is Titled Ideal Environment

    • Using the Sales Characteristics Section of Report

    • Using the Value to the Organization Section of the Report


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